Termite Droppings (Frass) or Pellets: What Do They Look Like?

Drywood termites can damage houses, particularly to those who are living in the United States. In contrast to their subterranean counterparts, they do not nest in the topsoil. Instead, drywood termites nest in wood that includes the furniture and lumber in your home.

One of the best ways to determine if there are drywood termites in your home is finding frass or termite droppings.

If you don’t have any idea what do termite droppings look like keep on reading this content.

Termite Droppings or “Frass”: What Is It?

Termite droppings differ with the kind of species like dampwood, subterranean, and drywood types. The droppings appearance depend on the kind of species, however, commonly they are small with the rounded end and six concave sides, and oval shaped.

Termite droppings or commonly known as frass is one of the common signs of termite infestation in your house.

Usually, drywood termites leave little signs of activity in your house. However, when two termites create a nest in a certain wood, they secure the hole they utilized to gain access to the wood and don’t vacate the nest.

In addition, a swarmer which needs to go away from the nest will create a new colony. Drywood termites, on the other hand, may discover all the conditions they want comprising optimum temperature, shelter, water, and food.

However, the only condition these termites don’t have inside the need is unrestricted space. So, they are creating kick out holds which are utilized to push termite droppings or frass out of their nest.

What Do Termite Droppings Look Like?

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Homeowners can identify drywood termites using their droppings that are usually originate in the form of pellets. Often, these pellets look like coffee grounds, however, they can imitate the appearance of sand and sawdust as well.

When it comes to the color, termite frass differs greatly depending on the kind of wood and cellulose food source, ranging from dark brown to beige. But, sometimes termite pellets are black in color.

Where Do Termites Leave Droppings?

Oftentimes, termites leave droppings in areas that aren’t regularly visited such as:

  • Crawlspaces
  • Basements
  • Isolated corners of rarely used rooms and storing areas

They also leave droppings in appliances, behind furniture, and door or window sills. Termite droppings can be enclosed over by fitted carpet when they have infected subflooring or floorboards.

Termite Droppings Pictures

Termite frass laying near the wood they had eaten.

This is how termite droppings look like.

Termite poop looks very similar to coffee grounds.

This is how your doorpost will look like after drywood termites.

Termites tend to leave their dropping all over the place.

These pellets are the result of termites ate wood.

Termite droppings are a solid sign of infestation in your property.

Frass may appear light or dark in color, even from a similar nest. Termites formed wood-colored droppings since they consume infested wood.

Are They Harmful?

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Call now: (844) 489-4485 to get professional pest control service from trusted exterminators in your local area.
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Termite droppings can’t harm you, but without proper extermination, you’ll end up with your house completely eaten by these nasty pests. You can’t simply clean termite feces and pretend that everything is good. As long as you value your own home, it would be best if you immediately started doing the right things toget rid of termites. There are two major ways to make it: either DIY treatment orhiring an exterminator. If you think you can handle infestation by yourself, then no problem, go for it. There are plenty of DIY methods that actually work pretty well and, if done properly, can help you to kill all the termites. But I recommend you to hire professionals and allow them to do it for you. This ensures you have guaranteed pest removal and the absence of any problems.

What is The Difference Between Ant and Termite Frass?

Carpenter ant frass consists of insect parts and wood chewing while termite frass only consists of fecal material.

carpenter ant frass vs termite frass
difference between carpenter ants frass and termite frass

However, frass made by ants might be mistaken of drywood termite frass. As a result, a close inspection is greatly needed in order to tell their difference. Better yet, seek help from termite extermination service inspectors.

How to Clean Up Termite Poop?

If you find termite poops in your house, make sure to check the droppings spot position and investigate the infected area. After which, follow some termite control methods to eliminate them completely or hire a professional, because termite pellets are the sign of termite infestation on your house and there is colony somewhere.

Tips on How to Prevent Termite Droppings

  1. Fix leaking faucets, pipes, or water lines
  2. Use non-organic materials in building your house
  3. Check your home ventilation
  4. Always check the foundations outside your homes such as wooden fence and dead wood. See if there’s a damage or termite droppings
  5. Clean your house on a regular basis. Particularly, in dark or damp areas such as storage rooms, basement, kitchen, and laundry room


Hopefully, this content gives you a better understanding of what are termite droppings or frass and how to clean them up.

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