About Me

Hi! I’m Vil Malinoshevskij and welcome to my blog!

Few Words About Me

Vil MalinoshevskijFrom an early age, I remember how my parents and I were disturbed by various pests who spoiled our property and brought problems to our pets. Ever since then, my interest in studying various insects has settled in me. After graduating from university in 2006, I switched to the practical application of my knowledge. For now, I have more than 12 years of experience in the extermination of these annoying creatures.

Few Words About Blog

I decided that I would help people get rid of pests and pass on my knowledge to them. So, that’s how the idea of creating of the blog was born.

This blog is a hub of DIY pest control methods, as well as other useful information that will help you to save your home, nerves, and money.

All information in the articles come from my personal knowledge and authority sources. Deep research, proven facts – that’s what you’ll get from my articles.

Enjoy reading!