Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

Mice invasion is a big challenge for homeowners because they tend to bite and chew anything and everything they face. What’s more, they bring in plenty of pathogens that can make you sick big time.

The risk runs high when they infest your attic, scratch it, its wall, and drop feces and spread bad smell all around the attic.

They even chew away wires at your house!

Mice like the attic because it’s a dry, warm, and safe shelter for them – and a perfect place for building nests for their babies.

how to get rid of mice in the attic

Signs of Mice Infestation in Your Attic

Be careful when you see certain signs of mice infestation:

  1. Noise
  2. Feces
  3. Urine
  4. Nests of shredded paper or other fibrous material
  5. Burrows
  6. Chewed items hallways on the insulation surface

Once you see such signs and understand that they are present in your home, go ahead and follow the instructions I’m providing further.

How to Get Rid of Mouse in the Attic

Check Your Entire House Thoroughly

Mice could be hiding at any corner of your house. And in order to get rid of them, you need to trace down where they’re secreting themselves. So it’s crucial that you do a thorough check before anything else.

Here is a list of some potential mice entrances that you should check thoroughly:

  • Empty holes – Search for holes near the plants and bushes.
    Mice can also create holes in crumbling walls, so it’s only fair you take a peek there.
  • Cable holes – Holes on your cables can be easy entrances for the mice. So make sure you check out your Internet or phone provider’s cables.
  • Air conditioner – Holes made for setting up your air conditioner are potential entrances and hiding places for mice.
  • Roof holes – Mice can climb trees easily and enter your home the roof hole.
  • Doors/windows/window and door gaps – A coin-size space is enough for a mouse to enter your home.
    Also, make sure to check your basements.
  • Holes for energy sources – Such as gas, solar energy, or electricity holes can be entrances for mice.

Seal Off Entry Points

After you’ve traced down their entrances, your next move is to cement them with steel wool wrapped in chalk, so they stay in place.

Similarly, you can mend large holes using cement/lath screen/lath metal, which you can easily find in the local hardware stores. Cementing the gaps is a must if you want to eliminate mice from your house for good.

Embrace Traps (Not Literally)

mouse trap to keep mice away from the atticMice are living beings too, so try to go with humane methods. That being said, non-humane methods are best suited for the serious infestations.
The humane methods are:

And all the traps we’re talking about work in the same way. You place a bait along with your trap, and wait until the mice falls for it. There are many types of mouse traps, and anybody can use them for good results.

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I’m breaking down the types of mouse traps that are available.

Take a look at them:

  1. Electric Mouse Traps

I prefer killing mice immediately, thereby, set up ¾ units of electric mouse traps strategically. And since these are reusable, they save me a lot as well. When the mouse touches the bait, it dies out of electric shock.

Here’s how it works – it usually contains a bait station at the back of its unit, which forces the mouse to enter the trap. Once the sensor senses the presence of the mouse, it emits high-voltage electricity to kill it. Once the mouse is dead, you can simply turn the device off and trash it. Add a new bait, and reuse.

Victor M250S Electronic Mouse Trap has some great reputation in 2019.

  1. Plastic Snap Traps

These traps contain a small cup where you can keep your bait. You’ve to pull back the metal lever 90 degrees. After the mouse gets on the plate, the lever releases and snaps closed, ultimately, catching the mouse on spot.

If you’re interested in this type, then Pest Control Traps by Kat Senseis a solid one that’s worth the investment.

  1. Plastic Enclosed Snap Trap

There are plenty of types of mouse traps available, but I personally find the plastic enclosure traps the most effective. Also, you can use these without worrying because they don’t pose risk to the pets or children.

This type comes with a solid plastic cover. Inside, there’s some room where you can put your bait. In order to set up the trap, you’ll have to press the lever, or turn the thing until it clicks. Once the mouse comes and steps on the sensor, the trap will do its job. After that, all you’d need to do is trash the body.

  1. Ultrasonic Pest Control Units

These aren’t fatal traps; but repellants that you can hang on your wall. You just plug them in, and they release ultrasonic waves that keep mice at bay. So for some reason, if you’re not into killing mice, but can’t stand them as well, these are your go-to. These devices last for a long time and since they’re sold in multiple packs; they can save you some money as well.

Be careful when you go buy these because you have to get the right one for your room. If you end up buying one that covers up to 100 feet, you can’t expect it to repel mice in 300 feet rooms.

Here is my complete guide on the best ultrasonic repellers.

  1. Glue traps

Here, the mice come and get stuck on the sticky surface. You just pick the glued mouse up and trash it. That said, remember that it’s a one-time-use thing. These don’t come with any snapping mechanism, thereby, be careful so you don’t hurt your fingers or nose.

In my opinion, this is the most non-humane method to eliminate mice. Why?

While the glue won’t kill mice, it’ll just keep it glued, and the mice would die in the end without any food or water. Think about it for a while.

Also, don’t forget to check out my guide on the best mouse traps where I explain everything regarding it.

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Steer Clear All The Clutter

keep your attic clean to prevent mice infestation

Follow these rules if you want to prevent your attic from mice infestations:

  • Declutter your attic – If you’ve created a storehouse of your attic, then there’s a big chance you’ve invited mice to build their homes inside the boxes. So organizing the box well is the least you can do.
  • Remove all the garbages from your house – Mice like to feast on leftovers. Keep the garbage inside, and the mice will come.
  • Remove everything unnecessary – The more the clutter, the more you attract mice.

You must do a few things for preventing, before you clean up the dead mouse, or their nest or droppings.

Here what you should do to clean up the attic:

  1. Put on rubber/vinyl gloves
  2. Spray a combination of bleach and water, or some disinfectant on the dead mice, or their nest
  3. Make the disinfectant absorb the mouse or its nest for 5 minutes. Then, wipe it up using a rag or towel. Put the bag inside a second plastic bag and seal it up
  4. Trash the bag in a can that gets cleaned regularly

Use Natural Repellent

The most effortless way to eliminate mice is using peppermint oil in 2 steps.

Here’s how:

  1. Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil
  2. Keep it at the entrances or ideal hiding places for rats

This method doesn’t guarantee you a complete elimination. To get the best results and get rid of mice you must use a combination of different methods. Combining various methods is a must if you want to keep mice away.

Hire An Exterminator Team

If you’re having a hard time with mice growth in your home, then hiring an exterminator would be the best thing. They’ll come as a team and spray chemicals and traps, and also come back the next day to take away the dead bodies. Exterminator services usually cost you $200 to $325.

Last Words

Before we wrap this up, let’s take another recap on the best ways of eliminating mice from your attic:

  • Checking on the entrances
  • Cementing their holes and cracks
  • Embracing traps
  • Cleaning up your attic
  • Using natural repellants
  • Letting the exterminator team handle it

Follow this checklist and you’re ready to go.

How do you go about eliminating mice from house?

Let me know in the comments below.