How to Get Kill Termites and Get Rid of Them Forever

Termites are small, but very dreadful creatures. This kind of insect blooms on any wooden stuff such as kitchen cabinets not only for food sources but for shelter as well. Thus, termites might be a very serious issue for any home.

damage from termitesOne of the most important reasons why you should keep an eye on these insects is that they can bring serious damage to your property. The cost of repairing termite damage is a bit expensive. So, ensuring that there’s no termite infestation around your home is essential.

If you believe that you presently have these insects around your, knowing how to get rid of termites is important as well. However, finding the main source of termite damage can be a challenging task especially if you don’t know the different signs of infestation. But once located, you can treat them with ease.

Either way, if you’re having a hard time dealing with these destructive insects, keep on reading this guide. Here, you will see the different signs of termite infestations. Aside from that, you’ll also find out how to get rid of termites in many different methods.

Signs of Termite Infestation

  1. Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites are considered the most destructive species of termites. They are building mud tubes in order to offer moisture while they’re traveling between their colony as well as food sources.

These tubers are made of wood, soil, and debris. Subterranean termites also used these tubes to guard their colony against predators. Mud tubes are often located near in most home’s foundation.

  1. Frass or Termite Droppings

Drywood termites often give off droppings (wood-colored) as they eat over infested wood. Even so, if you see some piles that look like pellets either outside or inside your home, it could be an indication of termite infestation.

  1. Swarmers

Swarmers are young male and female termites with wings. During spring tide, termite swarmers will appear from their nests to mate. However, termite swarmers do not retain their wings for a longer period. When they outhouse their wings, they’ll look for a new place where they can build their new colony.

Nevertheless, if you see some discarded wings or swarmers near your doors and windowsills, there’s a higher possibility that there’s an infestation in your home.

  1. Bubbling Paint

Bubbling or uneven paint is an indication of moisture build-up that could mean one of these two things, termites or water damage. However, if you are not certain if termites are the real culprit seeking help from a professional inspector is necessary. But if you’re worried about the cost, then you need to examine the sign thoroughly to avoid spending too much in the future.

Why Is It Important To Kill Termites?

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Killing termites and preventing termite damage is very important. This will not only help you in saving your valuable assets but you’ll also save a large amount of cash for the repair cost.

Aside from that, termites may possibly sting and bite, however, the wound that may possibly bring aren’t toxic. These insects aren’t known to bring harmful diseases to people. But, humans who are staying at homes with infestation or termite damage, you and your family may possibly experience asthma and allergic reaction.

Despite the fact that preventing termite damage or killing termites might not be gotten as a crucial method in protecting our personal health, doing such thing can lower the possibility of unwanted health issues.

How to Get Rid of Termites: 5 Best Methods

  1. Use Nematodes

nematodes against termitesA popular solution used for eliminating termites as well as termite damage. Nematodes are small worms that are natural fleas to garden pests including termites.

Nematodes commonly mark termite larvae, lessening the population of termites. In addition to that, it will stop termites from making further damage to your property.

How to use nematodes

Using nematodes to kill termites is very easy and simple. Just simply refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer which is located on the item’s label. Checkout this video for more information.


  • Nematodes can get rid of termites and other insects as early as one day.
  • It has a long-lasting effect, even though you only utilize a small batch of nematodes.
  • This solution doesn’t negatively affect plants, pets, and of course, humans.
  • Nematodes are considered one of the most effective means of killing termites.


  • Homeowners should consult a professional termite inspector before using this method.
  1. Poisoned Bait

termite bait station to get rid of termitesIf you are not into using spray pesticides, a poisoned bait can help you in eliminating termites.

When termites consumed the bait, the bait stakes will pop up. Termites, on the other hand, will bring the bait on their colony without knowing that this would be the main reason for their death.

How to Use Poisoned Bait

First, you need to identify the total number of stakes your property needs. After which, plan out an illustration of your property on the given graph paper and look for areas which are possible to upkeep termite activities.

Then, mount the stakes at the determined areas around your home using an enclosed auger. Make sure that the stakes are not over 10ft apart and should be positioned two to three feet away from your property’s foundation.

Inspect the baits stakes frequently to see if termite is trapped on it or any indications that the bait has been consumed.

However, if you notice infested stakes it’s best to replace with active stakes and mount three more stakes within one-foot of the infected stake. Also, remove all the stakes ever one year.


  • Subterranean termite species like Formosan termites are very vulnerable to this method.
  • Easy to make and use.
  • As compared to liquid treatment, poisoned baits are more affordable
  • Environmental friendly


  • The effectiveness of poisoned baits to drywood termites is restricted.
  • When exposed to it, minor health problems may possibly occur.
  1. Use Direct Chemical Treatment

direct termite chemical treatmentWhen you notice that there is a sign of termites in your home, getting rid of them as soon as possible is very important. You need to look for a method that is proven reliable like a direct chemical treatment.

How to Use Direct Chemical Treatment

First and foremost, you need to look for the termites in crack areas as well as voids. After which, drill some holes in the void and crack areas. Then, spray the chemical to the areas infested by the termites.

When doing this method make sure, to wear protective gloves and eye protection since the chemical is hazardous.

Nevertheless, after firing the holes with chemical make sure to reseal the holes though not completely. Leave it for a couple of days and before checking it again.


  • With regards to the cost and time, this method is proven effective.
  • A single application of this method may possibly last for one month.


  • It’s a bit hazardous method since you will need to use chemicals.
  1. Liquid Termite Barrier

liquid termite barrier

The liquid termite barrier is one of the most effective methods for killing termites. In fact, it doesn’t only get rid of termites that exist in your home, but it also serves as a great defensive method.

However, the main goal of this method is to surround your entire property using pesticide barrier in order to poison the termites who will come across your home’s foundation.

While liquid termite barrier is usually utilized in your home’s foundation, this method also can be used in tree stumps, wooden structures, and even wood piles.

When it comes to creating liquid termite barrier, you should use an effective termite killer like the Termidor Termiticide Suspended concentrate. Actually, it is commonly utilized by professionals with regards to killing termites.

This barrier is non-repellent, slow acting, and most importantly completely undetectable.

How to Use This Method

Step 1. Make a solution by mixing 0.8-ounces of Termidor to a gallon of water.

Step 2. Dig a 6” by 6” deep gutter around your home’s foundation if you’re going to treat a concrete area, you’ll need to drill a hole (1/2” by 18”) about two inches from the foundation.

Step 3. Lastly, spray the solution into the holes or trench

Note: Four gallons for every 10ft using a sprayer


  • It can get rid of an entire colony because of the poison’s transference effect.
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Very effective especially when it comes to killing subterranean termites


  • Not ideal for killing drywood termites
  • Drilling is needed for the application
  • It may possibly impose a minor health issues
  • Covering the whole perimeter of your property require lots of solution
  1. Use Boric Acid

boric acid to kill termitesIt is one of the most common yet effective methods for dispatching termites. As a matter of fact, it is the leading insecticide utilized in most termite insecticides that are currently available on the market.

This method will shut down the nervous system of termites while dehydrating them.

How to Use Boric Acid

If you’re planning to this method on your own you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Big paint brush
  • Spoon or stick for stirring
  • Metal container
  • Water
  • Propylene glycol (1L)
  • Boric acid (400g)

Once you have the materials ready, you need to pour the propylene glycol in the container. After which, slowly mix the boric acid on it. Stir the mixture until the boric acid is already dissolved. When the boric acid is ready to use, create a one-to-one mixture of water and new solution.

Afterward, smear the liquid solution on wooded areas where it’s needed. To perform the treatment much easier, you can use the big paintbrush when applying.


  • An effective method for killing termite
  • Easy to make and use
  • The materials needed in this treatment are readily available on the market


  • It’s abrasive
  • It can cause endocrine, liver, and kidney issues in rabbits, mice, rats, and dogs.

3 Natural Ways to Kill Termites

If you do not like the idea of using chemical solutions in eliminating termites, there are some natural ways that are proven effective in eliminating termite colonies with ease.

  1. Cardboard Trap

Cardboards are made of wood fibers and they attract termites effortlessly. Often, exterminators utilize cardboards as bait trap as they contain cellulose a compound that attracts termites as well.

So if you want to attract termites, you can place some cardboards close to their colony. This method needs close maintenance. Nevertheless, instead of letting the termites fester and multiply, make sure to throw away the cardboard when you notice termite’s congregation.

How to Use Cardboard Trap

Just like any other methods, this one is very easy to use as well. First, you need to make your own cardboard traps by spraying four pieces of cardboard with water.

After which, pile the wet cardboards together and position the trap close to the furniture and other wooden stuff which will pull the insects to the cellulose and to the wetness of the cardboard.

Furthermore, leave the trap for a couple of days. Aforementioned, when you termites are gathering on your trap make sure to remove and bur it immediately.


  • Safe to use
  • Attracts termites easily
  • Affordable method


  • It can bring more termites in your home when not dispose properly and immediately.
  1. Sunlight

Termites can’t endure sunlight, as a result, they tend to avoid it. If you believed that there are destructive termites in your furniture or some parts of your home, make sure to expose them to sunlight.
How to Use Sunlight
When your furniture is infested with termites immediately expose it to sunlight direct sunlight if possible to support termite death. Even so, you may possibly get rid of your landscaping items, brush, and roots, so that the colony will expose to too much sunlight.

Nevertheless, even though sunlight alone is not capable of destroying a whole termite issue, undeniably, it is an effective natural method that reduces the population of termites. Plus, it helps inhibit additional termite issues.


  • It can lessen termite population
  • With this method, you don’t have to spend some of your hard earned money.
  • Effective
  • Safe to use


  • It can’t get rid of an entire termite infestation
  • Doesn’t have a long-term effect.
  1. Orange Oil

Orange OilEssential oils like orange oils can actually kill termites, thanks to its active ingredients. This oil can kill termites by means of destroying their exoskeletons and eggs. There’s an evidence showing that orange oil fumigation also helps in killing termites. However, direct contact is more reliable.

Even though this oil is a low-poisonousness method, it isn’t safe. It shouldn’t be swallowed. Not only that, exposure to the orange oil can irritate the eyes as well as skin.

This method is not suitable for people who have allergy sensitivities as they may possibly suffer from lung irritation.

How to Use Orange Oil

  1. Shake the oil before watering down
  2. Blend 4 drops of orange oil on every gallon of water ‘til dissolved.
  3. Place the solution to the vaporizer.
  4. Look for termite galleries and voids by tapping your walls and other wooden stuff. Using an acoustic better is also advisable as it helps in detecting active termite activity.
  5. Drill some holes in wooden walls and structure in staggered patterns preferably 30-inch in all ways.
  6. To treat the detected termite galleries, inject the orange oil over the holes.
  7. Also, inject oil to holes, crevices, and cracks where termites rend to live as well as land through swarming.


  • All-natural
  • Extremely affordable
  • Proven effective method
  • There’s no residual effect
  • There’s no need to eliminate houseplants and pets from your property during treatment.


  • Detecting termite galleries with this method is quite difficult.
  • Without professional gears, making holes and injecting oil to solid wood is not easy.
  • It is flammable

The 5 Best Home Remedies to Kill Termites

  1. Vinegar

If there’s no chance to hire an expert termite inspector or pest-control, killing termites using vinegar is an effective home remedy that every homeowner should try. However, this method is somewhat slower compared to others. But one thing is for sure, it detects termites from coming back in the future. Also, termites will be repelled from the vinegar’s smell.
How to Use Vinegar
In order to use this method, you need to combine a one-half cup of vinegar and juice from two lemon juice. After which pour the lemon juice and vinegar to a spray bottle so that you’ll be able to distribute it in infested areas easily.

Once poured, spray the solution on termite hounds or entrance holes you come across. Spray on surfaces that termites nay possibly infests like inside walls, garden fences, and wooden structures. However, the solution will soak through the holes and cracks and will kill termites.

After a couple of days, check if the termites have been killed. If not, it is best to repeat this method.


  • An effective home remedy for eliminating termites
  • Easy to make
  • Safe to use
  • The materials are readily available


  • If you are facing a high level of termite infestation this method alone isn’t enough.
  1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous EarthIt is a type of pest killer that kills everything from termites to carpenter ants and other insects and pests. The best things about Diatomaceous Earth is that it is not toxic to either animals or humans.

Diatomaceous earth, on the other hand, works by destroying termites’ outer shell. When termites encounter this substance, their body will get dehydrated which may possibly lead to death.
How to Use Diatomaceous Earth
Doing this home remedy is very easy. Simply take the diatomaceous earth and spread it on infected areas. Make sure to create a thin layer of it. However, you need to repeat this method once a day ’til the termites will disappear completely. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves and mask during the treatment.


  • Natural pesticide
  • Effective method
  • Offers long-lasting effect
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors


  • Not advisable to utilize on flooring and rugs which you could vacuum
  • It is not effective for water yards
  1. Borax

Borax DetergentAnother potent killer that is capable of killing subterranean termites effectively and quickly. Actually, borax is one of the greatest methods utilized by most pest control professionals. Similar to diatomaceous earth, borax also dehydrates termites. Apart from that, it also shutdowns the nervous system of termites.
How to Use Borax
Mix one tablespoon of borax in eight ounces of water in order to make a borax spray. Make sure to shake it very well.

After that, spray on areas and even on furniture in which termite infestations have shattered out. This method should be done every two or three days to make sure that the termites have been exterminated.


  • This home remedy works very well
  • Easy to make
  • Kills termite effectively and quickly
  • It is very easy to use.


  • When ingested, borax can be dangerous to pets and humans. Thus, extra care is necessary.
  1. Clove Oil

Clove Oil

A harmless as well as a natural home remedy that helps in killing insects such as termites. As a matter of fact, according to a study, this oil can kill one-hundred percent of termites in just two days.
How to Use Clove Oil
Similar to other methods in this guide, using clove oil to get rid of termites is very easy. All you have to do is make a liquid solution, by combining some drops of clove oil and water.

Once you’ve combined it very well pour it into a spray bottle. After that, spray it on infested areas to remove the termites.



  • It has low levels of contaminants
  • Safe for pets, humans, and for the environment
  • Proven effective in controlling termites and other insects


  • When applied on your skin, clove oil can promote loss of sensation.
  1. Garlic Oil

Garlic OilGarlic, a very popular herb that is loaded with impressive insecticidal properties can actually get rid of serious termite infestation.
How to Use Garlic Oil
First, you need to make your own solution. Mix water and garlic oil in a container. When mixed properly, pour it into a spray bottle to perform the treatment a lot easier.

Spray the solution in infected areas to get rid of the termites. In addition to that, you can also add tobacco and neem oil on your solution to ensure that there’s no termite left out.



  • This method can effectively kill termites thanks to the garlic’s insecticidal properties
  • The solution is very easy to make
  • Incorporating other essential oils is possible with this method


  • This method works slower than other methods.

What Methods of Killing Termites You Should Avoid?

  • Don’t use motor oil

Both used and unused motor oil can’t help you in getting rid of termites. As a matter of fact, with this oil, the ground might be septic and leach to groundwater.

Furthermore, chemicals found in motor oils can cause cancer, this breathing in the vapors and direct contact with it can be very risky.

So if you use this method in removing termites, you may possibly end up posturing big threat all over your house.

  • Fire

Using fire to get rid of termites isn’t also advisable, because you may possibly burn your home and trees. Similar to motor oils, fire can bring more severe damage than the damage made by termites.

  • Don’t use household chemicals

Household chemicals such as cleaners and dumping bleach can’t help you when it comes to killing termites. As a matter of fact, this method makes your environment highly concentrated toxic which is dangerous for wildlife, pets, and humans. It is also bad for plants and groundwater at the same time.

  • Termite Fogger/Bomb

There are lots of termite foggers or bombs on the market today. But in reality, it not capable of handling an entire termite infestation alone. Also, the chemicals present in this item can be as harmful to pets and human as the termites they targeted.

How to Keep Termites Out: 5 Proven Prevention Tips

  1. Maintain Landscaping

Avoid putting heavy vegetation and wood mulch around your home’s foundation. Also, do not store debris and wood near to your home. Better yet, throw them away if you do not need them.

Protect your yard from nasty termites with our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Termite-Resistant Mulch .

Nevertheless, to keep termites out make sure to get rid of tree roots and old tree stumps under or near your home.

  1. Give proper ventilation to crawl spaces

If your property has crawled spaces under it, you need to ensure that it has good ventilation. It should also have a vapor barrier in order to lessen humidity from reaching your subfloor and floor joists. On the other hand, moisture in crawl spaces can lead to nasty smell inside our home.

  1. Protect Woods

If you have lots of wooden furniture or structure in your house, then you need to ensure that they are treated properly.

Luckily, there are plenty of wood treatments on the market today. Most of them have a repellent impact on carpenter ants, termites, and other wood destroying insects and pests.

  1. Avoid using wood

Without a doubt, termites are really attracted to wood. So to prevent termites from invading and destroying your property it is best to cut down on wooden paneling, structures, and wood.

  1. Repair your Damage Tiles/Roofing

Broken tiles or roof can actually offer termites an easy access to your property. Thus, ensuring that all damage tiles are repaired is essential to keep termites out.

Hiring A Professional Exterminator

Termites are more than an irritation. They are a threat to the reliability of your property and most importantly to your health. Whatever, unwelcomed visitors have invaded your property hiring a professional exterminator is necessary.

Actually, there are lots of good reasons why hiring these professionals is worth considering.

  • First, their cost of the services they are providing is will become cheaper in the long run.
  • Second, they are using the right equipment when it comes to detecting and treating termite infestation or damage.
  • Third, they are expert when it comes to detecting colonies, assessing damage, and identifying entry points
  • Fourth, they offer protection for longer periods.
  • Lastly, they are highly trained when it comes to utilizing chemical products.


Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on how to get rid of termites can help you a lot. Keep in mind that getting rid of these small yet terrible creatures doesn’t have to be difficult. With enough background and proper research, you will be able to save your home, furniture, and other wooden structure from termites. But if you really want to dispatch termites effectively, then hiring a professional exterminator is a great option.

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